As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the effort required to successfully build and grow a business.  At CPC Partners, we are looking to build upon the foundations you have built, with very careful attention paid to creating additional value for all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees and the community as a whole.  We feel that this is our competitive advantage.
We will work hard to continue to build upon what you have created and pledge to provide you with the following:
Our team consists of leading professionals with entrepreneurial, financial and operational experience across a broad range of industries and geographies.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it takes to build and grow a successful company and will work hard to preserve what you have created.
Our entire collective focus and efforts will be put towards preserving your legacy and ensuring its sustainability and long term growth.  Post acquisition, Rob and Parker will join the management team full time, and commit 100% of their professional time and efforts towards the venture.
We can work within a plan that allows you to transition on to your next great opportunity.  We will focus 100% of our efforts on protecting your legacy and on continuing to provide a fantastic work environment for your employees.  We will be vigilant in maintaining and growing the relationships you have spent years building.  Also, as we do not have a portfolio of investments, we can be flexible on deal structure, terms and timelines.
All information shared with us shall be kept in the strictest of confidence, with processes in place to ensure that this policy remains at the top of our list.  Throughout the process with us we will be upfront and transparent in our dealings and will seek to provide you with the best possible service.
We are patient and dedicated for the long-term.  We aim to maintain and preserve value, with a view towards sustainable growth over a long term horizon.  We can remain patient to grow your business naturally and without external pressures.
Our unique management and operations structure dictates that we, the Managing Directors of CPC, will move ourselves and our families to the location of the business to learn and grow the business over the next decade or more.  We align our interest with your by staking our professional and personal lives on the project.