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Crescent Park Capital Partners is a private, entrepreneurial investment firm seeking to acquire and grow a single operating business.

We are looking to provide a business owner with an attractive and flexible opportunity for exit while providing their company with additional growth capital and management expertise.  We are focused on accelerating the growth of one great company that can benefit from the significant resources that we are able to provide. 
Our focus is, and always will be, on growth over the long term. Early stage ventures, corporate turnarounds or minority investment opportunities do not interest us because of the uniqueness of our investment and operational structure.

We are looking for a business that fit the following criteria:



  • Cash flow positive with a history of stable profitability

  • Low to medium capital intensity

  • Profit margins over 15%



  • Majority exit or retirement on the horizon

  • To ensure the ongoing success of their organization

  • Additional management, energy, capital or networks to achieve the next stage of growth for their company

  • Protection for their employees




  • Recurring or repeatable revenue, preferably with long-term contracts

  • Solid employee relations with high retention rates.  Not unionized.

  • Not subject to regulatory risk



  • Operating in a large market

  • No heavy manufacturing, retail or consulting

  • Tailwinds for industry growth

  • Fragmented industry with many small/medium sized companies




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